Scientists found a working way to avoid premature death

Scientists of the school of medicine, Stanford University (USA) found a working way to avoid premature death.

Вчені знайшли робочий спосіб уникнути передчасної смерті

MedicalXpres announce the completion of the research observations “Biobank” on indicators of the health of almost 470 thousand persons, passes Rus.Media.

Experts from the USA reported on the results of the study “Biobank”. During the examination of the figures 470 thousand male, scientists were able to find a working way to avoid premature death. The main secret is the advantage of moderate physical activity. The researchers experimentally proved that people who lead active lifestyles are less likely to die, for example, from a stroke or heart attack.

Moreover, moderate loads allow the person to minimize the risk of the progress of coronary and ischemic heart disease. Powderless that the activity of a person in the normal range may solve the problem of other specific diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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