Scientists: Fruit juices and soda deadly

Ученые: Фруктовые соки и газировка смертельно опасны

Sweet drinks, including fruit juices, increase the risk of premature death in adults older than 45 years. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Emory University (USA), reports EurekAlert.

The study involved 30 183 people, however, the final sample included only surveys of about 18 thousand volunteers. Experts have excluded those who had diabetes or suffered from cardiovascular diseases. Was estimated intake of beverages and foods with high sugar content, including soda, juices, candy, Breakfast, etc.

Participants were followed for six years, in the case of death of the volunteer was found possible cause of his death, including heart attack and other violations in the cardiovascular system. Included other possible factors affecting mortality, for example, income level, Smoking and physical activity.

It turned out that those who drank about one liter of sugary drinks a day, died twice as often from coronary heart disease compared to those who ate less than 30 ml a day. Other sugar-containing foods did not increase the risk of premature death.

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