Scientists gave advice on how to improve your mood for 12 minutes

Ученые дали совет, как улучшить настроение за 12 минут

In autumn and winter, many people feel a lack of energy and symptoms of depression, but to overcome the Blues and improve your mood by using a simple and quick way. The American scientists believe, that to feel happier will help an exercise.

The researchers conducted the experiment, which took about 500 students. They were divided into three groups and each was given an assignment. The first group of participants had to perform a psychological exercise “Mercy”, the essence of which was to wish passers-by a mental picture of happiness and joy. The task of the second group was called “Interconnectedness” and was to mentally connect with other people (for example, to imagine what the General feelings you can experience with a stranger). The participants in the third group, which tested the “Downward social comparison” was to watch the passers-by with a sense of superiority.

The experiment lasted 12 minutes, in this time the students walked through the building and mentally performed a psychological exercise. The results of the study showed that the first group felt happier after a few minutes. The volunteers included in the second group become more sensitive and compassionate. But the students of the third group was not observed improvement of mood, rather the opposite.

Experts advise to resort to this method and to double-check on the results of the experiment.

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