Scientists: green tea can not boil water from the tap

This dramatically reduces the beneficial properties of the drink.

Вчені: для зеленого чаю не можна кип&#039ятити воду з-під крану

Green tea love around the world: there are many useful substances that have the remarkable ability to invigorate, relieve stress, and even help to lose weight. Besides, this drink is useful for the brain, for the heart, contains antioxidants, preserving youth. In General, the miracle tea, which I love and stars and mere mortals. But these benefits can be reduced if not to zero, then to reduce by half, if it is wrong to make green tea, informs Rus.Media.

It’s not about the temperature of the water used to pour the tea leaves – it is, by the way, should be no more than 80 degrees. We are talking about water in General.

British scientists (who else, after all, the British are the true connoisseurs of tea) conducted an experiment in which the tea is brewed with water from the tap and bottled water. To taste it invited about one hundred volunteers. In black tea they didn’t feel any difference but green was tastier if it was cooked in the water from the tap. “It’s sweeter,” said the tasters. But at the same time, it turned out that the use of this tea was at times less: amount of catechins, that is, those most magical of antioxidants, has fallen dramatically.

The researchers believe that it is for the high content in tap water calcium, magnesium and iron – after all bottled water is filtered and the content of minerals and trace elements strictly reglementiert. Therefore, the bottled water effective pull of tea catechins.

“Want the green tea was really healthy – brew it in profilirovannyh water”, – concludes Professor Robin Dando, one of the authors of the study.