Scientists have created a popcorn-powered robot (VIDEO)

Ученые создали работающего от попкорна робота (ВИДЕО)

Several samples on one technology is able to perform actions and to make popcorn from corn.

Created a working popcorn robot. Its modification includes several models, which showed scientists from Cornell University. “The robotic actuators driven popcorn” is fully functional, so you should give credit to Stephen Cherono, which is the first author of this article. Presentation technologies made at the International conference IEEE on robotics and automation in may.

American engineers have proposed to use the expansion of corn as a driving force for robots. They have created several working prototypes, which heated the grains expand and cause the actuator to bend. The choice of maize was not accidental, since the kernels of popcorn are natural, edible and inexpensive material that can expand with high strength in the application of heat.

Although this transition is irreversible, it carries the potential for several robotic applications. This is the first experience of using state of product (maize) in robotics.

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