Scientists have created an artificial insect eye

New development could be a breakthrough in robotics and has the potential to improve many technologies.

Вчені створили штучне око комахи

Researchers have developed a new technology needed to create an optical system, similar to the structure of the eye of an insect. Complex “jucin” eyes is able to provide many optical advantages that can be applied in various fields of technology, informs Rus.Media.

Eyes with one lens in which evolution has endowed humans and animals, possess the ability to focus, and can process high quality image. But facecute eyes of an insect, consisting of many lenses that have excellent peripheral vision, they have an amazing light sensitivity and capture movement.

The common beetle in the eye of thousands of visual receptors, and each has its own lens, cornea, and photoreceptor cells. To recreate the unique properties of the eyes of an insect, the scientists were able, thanks to a new technological method which was developed at the University of Xian Jiaotong, described in ACS Nano.

The likeness of an eye with many lenses were created with a combination of air strain, laser swelling and controlled crystal growth. In the first stage, the laser is passed through a double layer acrylic glass. In the second phase under the influence of laser Nabokov the bottom layer of glass and got a convex shape. In the third stage of the plurality of tiny lenses is one large curved. In the final on top of each glass dome is grown nanostructure, that resembles the lint of the carpet. With their help, the lens can give different properties.

Artificial eye is not able to send image, but work in this direction continues.