Scientists have created coffee, the production of which does not use coffee beans

A team of scientists invented the “molecular coffee”.

Вчені створили каву, при виробництві якої не використовуються кавові зерна

A team of scientists invented and created a company that produces so-called “molecular coffee”. The peculiarity of this drink is that it looks and feels like real coffee, but of coffee beans, informs Rus.Media.

It is noteworthy that the creators of this interesting drink in an interview to the media about the contents of its miracle-coffee speak with caution and major secrets are not disclosed. Scientists only talked about the fact that experimentally opened several dozen compounds contained in coffee. Using natural and organic ingredients, the specialists, in their own words, reproduce the combination of these compounds.

The authors are interested in the project spoke about what prompted them to create coffee, the production of which aren’t used coffee beans. One of the main reasons, scientists admit, it is a slow disappearance of natural coffee. So, said the scientists, more than half of today’s known types of coffee is under threat of extinction.

The second reason, experts say, is to make the cost of a regular Cup of coffee below.