Scientists have discovered a huge volcano under Antarctica

Ученые обнаружили огромный вулкан под Антарктидой

It became known that the analysis of data on the melting of the ice and a detailed study of the thermal map of Antarctica, has allowed scientists from the University of East Anglia to make a sensational statement — under the ice Antarctica is probably the active volcano.

According to Life, Professor Karen Heywood from the University of East Anglia in Norwich said that the volcano may be the main cause of ice melting and destruction of glaciers from the largest ever studied. To this conclusion came after scientists analyze the chemical composition of the water samples which were collected near the largest of the glaciers. Scientists have discovered a rare isotope helium-3, the flow of which into the atmosphere through the mantle is estimated at a few kilograms per year.

New data were compared with previous reports, according to which the cause of the rapid melting of the glaciers of steel the geographical features of the ice cover of West Antarctica, which runs on top of a large volcanic system faults.

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