Scientists have discovered amazing facts about poisonous snakes

Ученые выяснили удивительные факты о ядовитых змеях

Scientists around the world do not stop the fight against superbugs. These microorganisms are resistant to most modern antibiotics and pose a serious danger to humans, especially the patient.

In the search for substances capable of defeating superbugs, scientists have repeatedly turned to animals. So, earlier hope for a favorable outcome of a scientific confrontation gave the milk of the platypus and substances derived from the body surface of some species of ants.

Reports now, scientists interested in the possibilities of poisonous snakes. Scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia, together with the Spanish explorers found in the glands of the South American rattlesnakes fragments of proteins that can help in the fight against superbugs. Researchers have isolated a peptide coupling catalycity, which has antimicrobial, anticancer and antifungal effects. When the substance did not harm the normal cells.

The power of catalizadora scientists have tested on Escherichia coli and Escherichia coli. As a result, the peptide destroyed 90% of bacteria of both types. Moreover, E. coli substance coped for a couple of hours, as with Pseudomonas and is for five minutes.

The secret of such a powerful antimicrobial effect is hidden in the electrostatic attraction. The fact that catalycity has a positive electric charge and membrane of bacterial cells – negative. Due to this, the peptide is attracted to the superbugs and destroys their membrane. Normal cells in animals with no risk – they have no charge, so the destroyer superbugs don’t pay anyone attention.

It is expected that over time catalizadora will do the antibiotics of new generation, which will be able to cope with superbugs.

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