Scientists have discovered another benefit of plant foods

Higher level of hormones of the intestine was those volunteers who sat on vaganski diet.

Вченими виявлена ще одна перевага рослинної їжі

Human health largely depends on the kind of food he eats. Constantly debate about the dangers and benefits of foods of plant and animal origin. The results of the new research will probably make you think about how to still give preference to vegetable food, especially if you are struggling with the problem of excess weight or just want to stay healthy, informs Rus.Media.

In the United States there are approximately 93 million people are obese, more than 100 million identified diabetes or prediabetes condition. A key factor in the development of these and other metabolic conditions is diet. The usual principles of nutrition, which holds the vast majority of people do not meet the recommendations of the experts. People eat too few vegetables, fruits, dairy products.

In their new study, the researchers examined the influence of food products of plant origin for many aspects of human health and concluded that, overall, they have positive effect. Vegan diet contributes to the formation of specific intestinal hormones that help regulate blood pressure, quickly sated, and thus more effectively control your weight.

In a scientific experiment was attended by 60 men. 20 of them were obese, another 20 – diabetes, type II diabetes, the rest had no health problems. All the participants were divided into 2 groups randomly. The first group had to eat only food of plant origin with tofu, and the second could eat meat and cheese. The portions of all participants were identical in caloric content and levels of trace elements.

After the completion of the study a higher level of hormones of the intestine was those volunteers who sat on vaganski diet, regardless of whether they were healthy or suffered from diabetes or obesity.