Scientists have discovered corals, capable of surviving a “fatal” conditions

Ученые обнаружили кораллы, способные выжить в «губительных» условиях

The area of coral reefs globally has declined by half. Contribute to global climate change. Due to the warming and acidification of the oceans killing the microscopic algae that form the basis of the functioning of these ecosystems. Coral reefs are reduced everywhere, he is the one exception.

Biologists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa noticed that the local coral Bay Canee live and thrive, despite all the changes in the composition of sea water. About this researchers Christopher jury and Robert Toonen wrote in an article published in the journal .

According to the authors, these corals can adapt to climate change. And that gives us hope that ecosystems have a good chance to recover.

The Gulf of Canea is located on the Eastern shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. In the middle of the last century, human activities almost ruined the local coral reef has declined by 95 percent. But after the sewer was moved to another place, and also held a number of protective measures, the reef has fully recovered. Moreover, the corals “flourished” in already warmer and more acidic waters of the modern ocean. And these conditions were considered for them is disastrous.

The remarkable ability of corals, the researchers assessed during experiments. So, the researchers placed the samples in an even more warm and zakislenna water – and even under such conditions, the polyps retained the ability to grow.

Earlier it was reported that off the coast of the Emirate of Fujairah in the UAE to create the world’s largest artificial coral reef. Its area will be 300 thousand square meters. Within five years, the reef should become a haven for 1.5 million corals. The project aims at the conservation of marine flora and fauna, and increase fish populations.