Scientists have discovered fragments killed the dinosaurs a meteorite

Ученые обнаружили осколки убившего динозавров метеорита

The pieces look like tiny glass beads.

According to the researchers, the history of observations found particles – the purest remnants of the meteorite that caused mass extinction of almost 70 percent of species of life on the planet, among whom were the dinosaurs.

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Marbles they were transformed under the impact of the asteroid Chicxulub that collapsed millions of years in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. To find them, scientists were able on a desert island Geronilla that in Colombia.

Researchers still can’t understand how in all this time, the material does not become more stable. Beads settled on the bottom of the ocean, with a depth of more than two kilometers, far from any continent.

This option is below the so-called compensation level of calcite, geochemical barrier, in which water is oxidized and dissolves small carbonate shells of planktonic foraminifera.

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