Scientists have discovered in Mexico a giant ancient pyramid

Ученые обнаружили в Мексике гигантскую древнюю пирамиду

Its size is 4 times larger than the pyramid of Cheops. For 10 centuries the Indians made various floors on the ancient foundations, which led to a height of 65 meters.

In Mexico the state of Puebla was found the oldest pyramid. It was found by builders during the works on site preparation for the construction of an amusement Park. In the end, to the place immediately called archaeologists.

Arrived on the scene, experts found that the world’s oldest and largest pyramid was constructed between 200 BC to 600 ad. Now there are only ruined remains, in the form of stone carvings and archaeological values.

It is worth noting that the ancient tribes of Mexico used the pyramid for their religious purposes. It is believed that in the building lived nobles and priests. As of today, the pyramid has found ancient burial places, objects of ceramics, glassware and a green stone.

Experts say that the pyramid probably built by the ancient Olmecs. Indians over 10 centuries built the floors on the old Foundation. In the end, I got the pyramid with the area of the basement 450 square meters and a height of 65 meters.

According to scientists, the size of the pyramid was found the biggest in the world. Its volume is 4 times higher than the great pyramid of Cheops.


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