Scientists have discovered signs of the existence of a previously unknown extinct ancestors of Homo sapiens

Found the mysterious human ancestor.

Вчені виявили ознаки існування раніше невідомих вимерлих предків Homo sapiens

Scientists from Spain and Estonia found signs of the existence of a previously unknown extinct ancestors of Homo sapiens.

This “Ghost” of the ancient population was detected by genetic analysis using artificial neural network. She was related to the Neanderthals and denisevskie people and also transferred some genes to modern people, informs Rus.Media.

It is known that people of modern anatomy left Africa less than 100 thousand years ago and spread across Eurasia, sometimes thresholdis with other species of the genus Homo – Neanderthals and the Denisovsky person. This has led to the introgression of DNA from extinct forms of humans in the genome of Homo sapiens. Scientists were able to sequence (nucleotide sequence) of the genomes of the Neanderthals and the denisovans, and to prove that their DNA is indeed found in non-African populations of modern humans. At the same time, the researchers did not know the exact number of introgressions and what they have influenced the gene pool of modern man.

In the new work the researchers used methods of deep machine learning for the analysis of ancient and modern genomes to build the most probable picture of the introgressions, which corresponds to the current genetic data. It turned out that besides Denisov and Neanderthal populations that contributed to the gene pool of modern man, there was another population, which became a source of genes for human populations in Asia and Oceania. According to researchers, this unknown population was or close genetic relatives, the Neanderthals and the denisovans or the ancient people that used stemmed from the line Denisovsky person.