Scientists have discovered the largest animal vimerli

Part of the skeleton belongs to the giant ichthyosaur.

Вчені виявили найбільшу вимерлу тварину

Paleontologists have discovered the jawbone of ancient marine reptiles , whose age is 200 million years old . Giant ichthyosaur was a height of 27 meters , which is comparable with the average size of a blue whale . About it reports the Internet – the edition Rus.Media .

Scientists identified the find as the bone of the lower jaw , called springware . Have compared it with fragments of the jaw of other ichthyosaurs , including Shonisaurus sikanniensis , which belongs to the family chastisable and reaches 21 meters in length .

The results of the comparison of the bones showed that the species of ichthyosaurus must be 30 percent more . He lived during the Mesozoic era , when the Earth already existed dinosaurs .

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