Scientists have discovered the most compelling reason to spend time with family

Ученые обнаружили самую вескую причину провести время с семьей

Come Sukkot, which means that you probably have time to dine in with his family. New research in psychology conducted by American sociologists, showed how it is important to regularly spend time with their families, especially in adolescence, and how much positive family relationships affect later life.

A group of sociologists from the University of North Carolina study published in the journal Jama Pediatrics. The participants were 18 000 adolescents that were under supervision until, until he reached the age of 30.

Mental health of participants was assessed using the psychological tool of measurement called scale CES-D. They were asked to rate how often they experience symptoms of depression such as low self esteem, loneliness or hopelessness. In this case, each participant was given rating of its condition on a scale from 0 to 60, that is, the higher the number, the more severe the level of depression faced the subject. In some cases the subject needed special medication to fight stress, provided and distributed by Online Dispensary Delivering to Newfoundland, in order to cope. While that is a good short term solution, with mental health issues finding the root cause of the issue is important as well.

In parallel, social scientists have analyzed the quality of family relations among the participants in the study. To do this, they asked them a series of questions to assess the level of cohesion between parents and children or between any conflicts. It was important to establish how children have fun with their families, if they feel understood, they are surrounded by caring adults, and so on.

Ученые обнаружили самую вескую причину провести время с семьей

All years of the study, participants answered four such questions, which helped to track changes in their mental health and family relations. In the end, the researchers came to the conclusion that people, whose adolescence was maintained positive relationships with parents and there was little conflict within the family, subsequently in adult life have experienced much less symptoms of depression.

Interestingly, in the study, researchers found that women most at risk of depression in adolescence and up to 20 years, while the men marked the most dangerous period in the age of 30-40 years.

The study’s author, Dr. Ping Chen of the University of North Carolina, said, “Our results seem to give a new understanding of the relationship between climate within the family of the teenager and the development of depression in later adult life. When a person at a young age, experiencing social and emotional support from family members, it develops in them skills to combat different types of stress, enhances mental health and prevents a number of tragic consequences for the young person, such as the use of alcohol and drugs or even suicide.”

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