Scientists have figured out how Breakfast affects weight loss

Scientists from the Salk Institute has conducted research that has allowed to figure out which dependencies are Breakfast and weight loss.

Вчені з&#039ясували, як час сніданку впливає на втрату ваги

The researchers monitored the students, a lifestyle which includes unhealthy diet, abuse of sodas and alcoholic beverages, late bedtimes. Resulting able to determine what is important, not only products consumed during the first meal, but the Breakfast time. The experts relied on the ancient Chinese system of calculations in which it was noted that the working time of the stomach is in the range from 7 to 9 o’clock in the morning, informs Rus.Media.

“We analyzed the way of life of young people, seeing that irregular sleep disrupts the connection with the hormones of hunger. A wish to sleep in on weekends metabolism, which leads to a shift of Breakfast time. If the individual falls within the specified limits morning meal, weight not only persists, but is reduced”, – said the expert.

Experts from king’s College London confirmed the opinion of his colleagues. Their observation of 5,000 people showed that irregular Breakfast not only leads to weight fluctuations, but also cardiovascular problems, the accumulation of fat deposits in the abdominal area. This means that to save the parameters of the figure and their improvement should be to eat at the same time, while having enough sleep.