Scientists have figured out what product saves you from depression

It turns out that people suffering from depression can help daily use of a product.

Вчені з&#039ясували, який продукт рятує від депресії

A group of scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles (USA) found that the influence of depression on the body save walnuts, informs Rus.Media.

A message posted on a dedicated portal MedikForum. The researchers attracted to the experiment 26 thousand people. They were divided into several groups, depending on the amount eaten nuts. It is particularly taken into consideration the volunteers bad habits that can affect the risk of depression.

It turned out that a small number of walnuts eaten every day, helping to raise the level of protection of people from depression.

“People who ate a minimum of 24 grams of walnuts per day, 26% less likely to have experienced depression than those who did not eat nuts,” said the researchers.