Scientists have found a new type of antibiotic by bacteria in the soil

Scientists from Rockefeller University have identified a new generation of antibiotics.

Вчені знайшли антибіотики нового типу з допомогою бактерій у грунті

The discovery was possible thanks to the bacteria that are in the soil, reports Rus.Media.

First show that the new antibiotic is very effective against sepsis and pneumonia. During the research, experts took 2000 different soil samples from different States of the USA. According to scientists, the modern world needs new types of drugs, since the disease is constantly progressing, and the old drugs are no longer be as effective. Moreover, projected by 2150, a large-scale catastrophe caused by modern methods of treatment and medicines. Now the American experts continue to search for new and unique bacteria, which can become a worthy laboratory analogues for treatment of various ailments.

Now experts have analyzed new antibiotics and got satisfactory results. It is planned to obtain a patent that drugs entered the official sale.

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