Scientists have found a new way to attack Intel

Ученые нашли новый способ атаковать процессоры Intel

A team of researchers from the University of Birmingham (UK), University of Technology of Graz (Austria) and the University of Leuven (Belgium) have discovered a flaw in the Intel processors, which is manifested in the fact that because of low voltage processor, the Secure Enclave technology is vulnerable to attacks.

The problem, dubbed Plundervolt associated with software interfaces for voltage regulation in processors of Intel.

Modern processors are faster than ever before, while consuming more power and heat. Therefore, many chip manufacturers allow you to adjust the frequency and voltage using privileged APIs, such as “modelization registers” in the Intel Core processors.

In the experiment, the researchers were able to compromise the integrity of the instruction set of the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) in the Intel Core processors, while monitoring the voltage when you perform calculations in the enclave. Thus even the mechanism of memory encryption and authentication Intel SGX can protect you from such attacks.

Researchers have informed Intel about the vulnerability detected, and the company released a firmware update that eliminates a security vulnerability Plundervolt.

Modelization registers (Model-Specific Registers MSR) is a special registers of the x86, software available via RDMSR and WRMSR. Addressable 32-bit index, which is placed in the ECX register. Some indexes are reserved so that they are registers to a predefined destination, dependent on the extension flags returned by the CPUID command, or the recommended Intel spec.

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