Scientists have found a surprising fact about koalas

Ученые выяснили удивительный факт о коалах

Australian koalas feed on poisonous plants and their body easily cope with them. Scientists have uncovered the secret. Koalas love to eat eucalyptus leaves which are poisonous. It never does them any harm. The question took a group of specialists from 7 countries.

They found that in the body of these marsupials bears there are a large number of the genes encoding P450 proteins cytochrome. The result of the action of these enzymes, harmful substances are oxidized. After that there is their conversion into metabolites that are excreted koalas with the help of urine. Scientists have determined that cytochromes are produced by many tissues of koalas, including the liver.

This property is very useful when koalas live in the wild. When placed in the zoo – it becomes minus. When the disease of this animal, it is not impossible to treat with antibiotics. Defense mechanism Koala comes with them as well as poison from the eucalyptus leaves.

Australian koalas possess another remarkable property. They are able to protect their offspring from various diseases. Mother’s milk these marsupials has enzymes with antimicrobial activity. Such phenomenon is not at any of the other species.

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