Scientists have found a surprising fact about the human brain.

Ученые выяснили удивительный факт о мозге человека

All people have a different brain structure, as different fingerprints. On Earth one cannot find even two people with identical structure one of the most mysterious organs — the brain.

The brain of each person is unique. The explanation gives genetics. The team led by neuropsychologist Lutz Jenke from the University of Zurich University showed in his research that the brain anatomy is influenced by personal experience and the human condition.

It was shown that a number of anatomical features of the brain is not difficult to identify its owner. Interestingly, professional musicians, chess players or artists have differences in those areas of the brain that they have to strain, depending on the nature of their activities. The areas that you have to use become bigger and Vice versa.

However, it is interesting that changing the size of certain brain areas, even for short periods of time. For example, if you do not move with one hand a couple of weeks, the area of the brain responsible for control of that limb will be less.

It turns out that the genetic characteristics of each person are closely linked with those processes and activities that occur in his life. Lutz Jenke says “Experience interacts with genetics that result in creating over the years a completely unique anatomy of the brain.”

All of these discoveries were made possible thanks to the rapid progress of science and technology. Scientists and doctors had the ability to visualize the brain. Created programs that can handle such data.

However, hardly any visualization of the brain will replace fingerprints and other means of identification. Visualization is expensive and requires sophisticated equipment. And the methods that are available today are not accurate.


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