Scientists have found a way to escape from the powerful earthquake

Ученые нашли способ спастись от мощнейших землетрясений

The technicians will fix an underwater earthquake with a fiber optic connection, which consists of transoceanic cables. Minor signals of the network will allow researchers to detect the underlying fluctuations and to determine their epicenter.

A new method for the determination of earthquakes was invented by accident, reports

Metrologist Giuseppe Marra engaged in the testing of fiber-optic lines that connect to atomic clock research centers of different States, and noticed that the noise level in the signal, which always occurs because of small vibrations of the cable, much higher than normal. The researcher decided that it is associated with earthquakes above five points.

Then, Giuseppe continued his observation of the cable which is laid under water between Malta and Sicily. He managed, together with colleagues to fix the fluctuations of a magnitude of 3.4 points, but to pinpoint the epicenter of the experts failed.

Then they concluded that if the start laser signal with opposite ends of the depth of the cable, the point of impact can be calculate by the difference in travel time of the pulse. The epicenter of the earthquake can be determined using the fiber optic network of several wires.

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