Scientists have found a way to penetrate the heart of the most powerful hurricanes

Ученые нашли способ проникать в сердце мощнейших ураганов

Despite incredible advances in prediction of the movements of hurricanes, experts are still trying to determine with accuracy the intensity of the cyclone. For this, NASA scientists have learned to penetrate into the heart of a hurricane.

Director of Aon Benfield meteorologist Steve Bowen claims that with the new ability to predict the strength or intensity of a hurricane, people will be more prepared, knowing whether a hurricane devastating finale as it was last year in Puerto Rico, when hurricane Mary took the lives of more than 4 thousand people. Scientists say that there are more than a dozen scientific models to predict the intensity of hurricanes, but they are of limited use.

However, NASA continues to surprise and created one of the best projects to predict the intensity of hurricanes. It is reported that scientists using the global navigation satellite system CYGNSS will be able to penetrate into the heart of the cyclone and with precision to determine its intensity, that can save many lives.


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