Scientists have found a way to protect people from dangerous diseases

Ученые нашли способ защитить людей от опаснейших заболеваний

The development aims to reduce the number of dangerous diseases and deaths due to poor quality products.

Scientists from McMaster University in Canada presented the development of the film, which can be used to identify a dangerous product for humans or not. At first glance, this film approximately the size of two postage stamps and not seem like some kind of scientific breakthrough. However, there are DNA molecules which come into contact with dangerous microorganisms, and using a special glow to inform the consumer about the dangers of a product.

Previously, to determine the presence of E. coli or other harmful pathogens required at least a day of laboratory research. During this time the buyer could well consume the unhealthy product and get a sharp disease, and in some cases, even possible death.

What scientists invented a plastic wrap, determines the quality of the current science and her desire to protect the person, and also to the presence of the confidence of the buyers in the products they consume.


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