Scientists have found in Israel, amazing vintage amulet

Ученые нашли в Израиле удивительный старинный амулет

Israeli archaeologists during excavations in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Jerusalem discovered a miniature clay amulet, the keepers of the wearer from the evil eye.

This writes the NEWSPAPER.

The amulet was made in the IX or X century of our era, i.e. the era of the Abbasid Caliphate. It has a well legible inscription in the Arabic language. Scholars translated it like this: “Karim believes in Allah. The Lord of the worlds — Allah”.

“Apparently, the amulet belonged to a man named Karim, says Dr. yiftah Shalev of the Department of antiquities of Israel. — Since ancient times, these amulets were used to protect from the evil eye and evil spirits.”

The Dating was conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on calligraphy, which was typical for the third Abbasid period.

In addition, the age helped the analysis layer, in which was found the amulet and discovered a number of artifacts lamp and fragments of pottery.

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