Scientists have found out the exact age of the moon

Ученые выяснили точный возраст Луны

Installed it on samples of zirconium harvested in 1971. Scientific work is conducted by the representatives of the University of California.

American scientists stated that the exact age of the moon is of 4.51 billion years, plus or minus a 10 million year, because the exact origin of the satellite is difficult to determine. Material the study was zirconium is taken from the moon during an expedition in 1971. A mineral formed by solidification of magma on the lunar surface.

Most substances appeared on the outer body later, but couldn Zirconia is a few million years no film waste due to its specificity, while maintaining the original appearance. The formation of the moon in the scientific community have acquired theories. According to the most common cataclysm on Earth provoked the separation of the piece from the planet or Moon was formerly an asteroid, rest in a gravitational field.


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