Scientists have found salvation from arthritis

Recently, scientists have encouraged people who suffer from arthritis – they have invented a vaccine that can relieve a person from the symptoms of this disease.

Вчені знайшли спасіння від артриту

According to the world health organization, osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease characterized by cartilage destruction, informs Rus.Media.

Such a violation is mainly noted in the joints of the knees, hips, fingers and lower spine.

It is estimated that osteoarthritis straja nearly 9 million people in the UK and 30 million Americans. To date, no medication from the disease.

Rheumatologists called osteoarthritis epidemic of the early twenty-first century. According to medical statistics, osteoarthritis is the second leading cause of disability after cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers from Oxford University have developed a vaccine that blocks the source of the pain – nerve growth factor (NGF). Studies give promising results.

The vaccine triggers the immune system and produces antibodies that attack the NGF.

The drug was tested on mice. The vaccine has significantly eased the pain. First, the animals stood, leaning to the side, after administration of the drugs mice were able to become on their feet.

About 25% of patients with osteoarthritis do not receive adequate treatment, they prefer to take pain medications long-term use is fraught with health problems.

Dr. Stephen Simpson of the charity “Versus Arthritis”, which funded the research, said:

“We know that people with Artrom have persistent pain that is ruining their lives. Too many people who live with pain do not receive adequate treatment.

That is why the development of more efficient painkillers with fewer side effects – a vital task for people with arthritis.

The results of the study (although it is in its early stages) is very promising.

We are proud to support research aimed at the solution of this complex problem and finding ways to help people overcome pain.”

I hope this discovery will benefit society!