Scientists have found that smart women are a threat to the male ego

And maybe someone might find it zagrozu, but certainly there is someone who will accept you for who you are.

Вчені з&#039ясували, що розумні жінки – загроза для чоловічого его

Although scientists have found out that powerful and smart women can cause the opposite sex, a certain fear, it does not mean that girls like something not right. Not all men are the same.., informs Rus.Media.

No one would argue that most men prefer the fragile, delicate and feminine girls. You can deny it, but the fact remains, most average men are unlikely to stop the choice on a strong and powerful woman.

So it was in ancient times and eventually became an integral part of the human genome. But, despite genetic predisposition, one question we have still no answer: men prefer gentle and romantic partners, because they are genetically programmed to be the stronger sex? Because powerful and intelligent woman is a threat?

Fortunately, here we comes to the aid of science. There have been many studies that have shown that the number of men who are ready to meet a truly intelligent and powerful woman, much less than you would think.

One such study was conducted by researchers from the University of the University of Texas and California Lutheran unversitatum in Buffalo. Participants were asked how they would be comfortable to be in a relationship with a woman more intelligent than they are. 90% said that they would agree, but when they announced the results of the assessment of IQ, men have changed their minds.

It turns out that men are attracted to a more savvy and determined woman, but only if they are on them on the physical and psychological distance. And when it comes to Dating and something more intimate, the stronger sex prefer partners with less than a high level of intelligence.

A similar social experiment conducted in the framework of another study, not only showed the same results, but also helped scientists to formulate a plausible explanation for the reasons. So, during the experiment the participants had to perform and describe a sense of his own masculinity in a situation where their potential partner was more cunning and more productive themselves.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the estimation of long-term goals,” men show a greater interest in intelligent women. Conversely, if such “purposes” are physiologically close, the interest is drastically reduced.

That being said, it turns out that men are afraid of intimacy with a strong, smart and self-sufficient woman. It is evident that the fairer sex is a threat to the male ego. And as a result men are doing everything possible to stop this kind of closeness, distancing himself from the more intelligent and productive partners than themselves.

However, although scientists managed to prove that a strong and intelligent woman causes the man some fear, this does not mean that something is not right. Just not all men are the same.

There is nothing wrong to follow their dreams, to have ambitions and to work hard to achieve their goals. Someone might consider this a threat to the ego, but certainly there is someone who wants to support you and will accept who you are. Just don’t settle for less.