Scientists have found that social networking in the morning is harmful to health

According to scientists, to begin the morning with a flip of the tape is injurious to health.

Вчені з&#039ясували, що соціальні мережі зранку шкідливі для здоров&#039я

The Internet and social networks accompany us all day, starting early in the morning. Sixty-one percent of smartphone owners begin to use the gadget less than five minutes after waking up, eighty-eight per cent – less than half an hour, informs Rus.Media.

We check social networks, read the news, open the mail immediately after turning off the alarm clock. On the one hand, this signals the brain that it’s morning, time to Wake up and to join in the work. With the other information begins to flow too abruptly. You probably noticed that after a quarter of an hour of the morning surfing the web you feel overwhelmed, although just woke up. This is the explanation.

“Quick switch after sleeping on a careful study of news feeds and social media causes stress in the body. In addition, a large amount of information, which processes the brain before you woke up, may reduce the ability to prioritize during the day,” says psychiatrist and doctor of medicine Nicole Sisma-Hadi.

If you don’t complete all the planned business, you need to put away the phone in the morning. Tristan Harris, a former expert on design ethics at Google and co-founder of the Center for human technology, believes that starting your day with a phone, we are reminded of the tasks did yesterday. It makes people less productive. In addition, a burning desire to check out social network immediately after waking up may indicate addiction.

Try to spend the first hour after awakening without a smartphone. This will help to stay more focused and calm during the day. To wean myself staring at his phone after waking up, buy a regular alarm clock, and charge far away from the bed or in another room. Phone news and of the business better pick up after Breakfast – flipping tape while eating leads to overeating. After waking up, do exercises, write down your thoughts or meditate.