Scientists have found the iceberg that broke away in Antarctica, “the lost world»

Scientists with the British Antarctic service will make an expedition to a newly discovered ecological system.

Вчені знайшли під айсбергом, який відколовся в Антарктиді,  «загублений світ»

It is located in Antarctica under a glacier ice shelf Larsen. He managed to find after the iceberg broke off a huge piece of ice. It is noteworthy that the ecosystems were cut off from the world for 120 years, reports Rus.Media.

As noted in the article publication Science Alert, the light of the sun again passed through the water and got on all living things that were there. It happened only after an iceberg the size of about six thousand square kilometers in 2017, which broke away from the main glacier.

Now an iceberg floats in the southern ocean, freeing the space around them. British scientists have decided to study found a unique ecosystem, before it disappeared completely under the influence of the external world, from which living organisms were hidden for 120 years.

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