Scientists have found the remains of a dinosaur who rewrote the history

Ученые нашли останки динозавра, которые переписали историю

This was the first giant ancient animals.

In Argentina found the remains of a dinosaur Ingentia prima. The discovery changed the idea of scientists about the evolution of reptiles. Study that contradicts the previously accepted history of the development of this type, showed that the first giant dinosaurs lived on Earth more than 200 million years ago. Previously it was thought that they appeared on the planet for 30 million years later. It is known that the bones of an ancient animal found in the province of San Juan. It turned out that we are talking about sauropods — large quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs. The mass of one such dinosaur was 90 tons, length — 35 meters. Ingentia prima moved on his haunches, not on straight legs, which allowed them to remain invulnerable to predators. Previously it was believed that the first specimens of this form appeared no earlier than 180-155 million years ago.


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