Scientists have identified age thresholds of aging

Ученые определили возрастные пороги старения

Stanford professionals in medicine today released interesting results of their interesting study on the examination of objective age markers of adulthood and aging. In particular, the study focused on exploring the potential linkages between changes in specific protein markers in the blood and other signs of physical aging – it specialists in fact able to figure out that relationship. Thus, they noted three fairly accurate age, around which the human body begins to experience irreversible change in the number of produced proteins in the blood.

Scientists were able to determine that some groups of proteins directly affect different age characteristics and processes associated somehow with a particular age – so that in fact these periods are the “points of progressive aging.” If to speak about concrete figures, experts indicate the age of 34, 60 and 78 years old – it was at this time in error about three or four years in the human body begins to produce less amount of certain protein groups, which as a result is reflected in the gradual degradation of the tissues of any type.

Ученые определили возрастные пороги старения

In other words, this becomes the primary reason for the gradual aging and scientists hope that the found interrelations and age points can serve as a more or less stable characteristics in the study of internal biological processes. Moreover, on the basis of this technique they can determine the age of a person with the same three-year error, that is a really impressive score.

It is worth noting the fact that preliminary results can be really accurate only if experts can provide some alternative models of the study for comparison. Simply put, they still have to do some additional research directly related to the consideration of biological age indicators, not to mention the search for new biological markers.

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