Scientists have invented an unusual way of dealing with obesity

Ученые придумали необычный способ борьбы с ожирением

A group of American researchers under the direction of David Prologo from Emory University found that freezing the vagus nerve can effectively deal with obesity first or second degree. As stated, this procedure helps to decrease appetite and, judging from the experiments already carried out, is of no harm.

According to experts, a sharp and significant restriction of food intake itself is not always the best way to combat obesity – in this situation, the body may perceive these events as “times of famine” that may in the long term only aggravate the problem of excess weight, and generally not too healthy. Are not always effective and many other popular programs to combat obesity, the study authors added. The proposed method implies that the person will feel hunger more often, as when fasting, but rather less.

In the new experiment involved 10 volunteers aged from 30 to 37 years old, suffering from obesity, the first or second degree. Each of them specialists frosted rear trunk of the vagus nerve is a paired nerve running from the brain to the abdominal cavity. According to scientists, it is involved in receiving signals of hunger from your abdomen to the brain. After that, for participants in the study were observed for 90 days, checking how a change in their weight and if during this time any other changes.

As a result, each of the participants in the study noted that his appetite decreased, and weight of volunteers have declined on average more than three and a half percent. Any “side effects” if this has not been fixed. Similar results allegedly suggest that the experimental method is effective and safe when dealing with first and second degree of obesity.

On the results, the scientists said at the annual meeting of the Society of interventional radiology, held recently in Los Angeles.


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