Scientists have learned how to get the liver to regenerate

Ученые узнали, как заставить печень регенерировать

The staff of the School of medicine, Stanford University (USA) proposed a new method of restoring the liver, which can be used to combat cirrhosis, and cellular aging. Scientists believe that liver regeneration will contribute to measures aimed at stimulation of the activity of the enzyme telomerase in the cells of the body.

Telomerase is a protein compound that affects how the telomeres — the end portions of chromosomes that serve a protective body function. Telomere length shortens with each cell division, and this shortening of telomeric sites is one of the leading causes of aging, General aging and decline of human life.

Telomerase slows down the process of reduction of telomere length. American biologists have found it empirically during experiments on mice. In particular, scientists have found that a small portion (3-5%) of liver cells are able to produce from large amounts of telomerase. These cells are evenly distributed in the liver, and kick in when you organ damage. At such moments, they become overactive, multiply and form new tissue.

This principle, the researchers believe, will be used in the development of drugs intended for patients with cirrhosis. In addition, the outdoor specialists the method is effective in the fight against aging is knowledge of how to regenerate the liver helps to renew healthy liver function even in old age.

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