Scientists have linked frequent sex memory

Ученые связали частый секс с памятью

Young women who frequently have sex have a good memory.

This is the conclusion the study made by scientists from McGill University in Canaday

The experiment involved 78 heterosexual women aged 18 to 29 years. They passed a computerized memory test.

As it became known, sexually active women more easily remembered words and memorized facts. However, memorization of persons, this fact is not affected.

According to the researchers, regular sexual acts can improve neurogenesis – the growth of nervous tissue in the hippocampus, which improves memory performance. The face is not better remembered because the images are not associated with the hippocampus.

“We found a surprising link between the chemicals that transmit signals of pleasure to the brain, and memory. Even small data set was enough to confirm the theory that sexual activity improves memory,” said Professor of psychology at McGill University Jens Prisner.

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