Scientists have made a discovery that may change the history of mankind

Ученые сделали открытие, которое может перевернуть историю человечества

The discovery may change the history of mankind, since it was believed that humans appeared in Siberia around 20 thousand years ago. Russian archaeologists working in the Parking lot of tuyana in the Tunka valley Irkutsk region, regularly report the findings.

Recently, scientists have managed to make a sensational discovery: they unearthed the remains of the ancient inhabitants of Eurasia. Thanks to the climate of the bone is well preserved. Experts note that the human remains similar to what it looks like Homo sapiens now.

The age of the finds – more than 50 thousand years, which suggests that the Russian archeologists discovered the most ancient representative of the Homo sapiens in Eurasia, or they managed to open up a whole new kind of human.

Materials Russian archaeologists have given to the max Planck Institute in Germany. Examination will confirm or refute all hypotheses about the origin of ancient man.

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