Scientists have made a discovery that may rewrite the history of mankind

Ученые сделали находку, которая может переписать историю человечества

Archaic humans left Africa more than 2.12 million years ago — much earlier than scientists thought. This is the conclusion reached by researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou, who have discovered ancient stone tools at the site, Shancheng in Central China. Article scientists published in the journal Nature, this publication reports ScienceNews.

Anthropologists have discovered have learned 96 of the artifacts from the layer of sediment in mountain areas of China (southern part of the Loess plateau). The finds included pieces of stones with pointy edges or sharp tips and flat stones, which served for handling tools. To know the age of tools, the researchers used paleomagnetic Dating methods, consisting in the measurement of the residual magnetization of rocks, which can determine the strength and direction of Earth’s magnetic field in different time periods.

Until now, the oldest evidence of hominids outside of Africa were considered the remains of arhantrop found in Dmanisi (Georgia). The age of the fossils belonging to Homo erectus, reached a 1.77-1.85 million years. In Chanchani yet been found fossils, so researchers find it difficult to answer whether the ancient stone tools were created by erectus or their manufacturers was a different kind of archaic people.

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