Scientists have made incredible discoveries in the fields of Britain

Ученые сделали невероятные находки на полях Британии

For several weeks residents of the UK have suffered from record heat. According to Science Alert, the unprecedented weather conditions made it possible to discover previously unknown traces of ancient buildings. Because of the heat the grass over the ruins that hides a thin layer of soil, growing not like the surrounding area.

It is noted that the data traces reflect the location of various ancient buildings, castles, fortresses, farmhouses and mansions that belong to different epochs: from the iron age until the early twentieth century. Some of these buildings were already known to archaeologists, but most of the tracks belongs to monuments, which the researchers did not know before.

These traces appear because of the lack of moisture in the soil. Human activity leads to a contrast between the fertile soil and the more dry. Sometimes this happens due to the fact that in the past, at some place there was a channel or ditch which is then filled with another layer of soil, and sometimes – due to the fact that the walls or the Foundation is still buried under the ground and a thin layer of soil that hides them, not prone to moisture accumulation.

The drought of 1976 helped British researchers to discover many new archaeological sites. Scientists believe that 2018 can be just as productive, especially when you consider the technology development of unmanned aerial vehicles, which allow you to see the marks from above.

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