Scientists have named another benefit of married life

Науковці назвали ще одну перевагу подружнього життя

Married people are less likely to suffer from bone fracture
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The presence of the husband or wife significantly reduces the chances of suffering from bone fractures in old age, scientists from the University of Southampton.

According to the study, people who are married are twice less likely to break a hip, shoulder or wrist.

According to experts, the obtained results are another proof in favor of the fact that marriage may exert a protective effect on health. This may be due to the fact that people who are married, take better care of themselves and less health risks.

To come to this conclusion, the experts examined data on nearly 38,000 people from Denmark, about half of whom were suffering from broken bones. The experts decided to find out whether the differences in profits and marital status with the risk of fractures.

Науковці назвали ще одну перевагу подружнього життя

Therefore, according to scientists, you should not delay with the wedding / pxhere

Researchers found that higher income is associated with a decrease in the probability of fracture of the hip, shoulder or wrist in comparison with the average level of income. In addition, people who are married are twice less likely to suffer from bone fractures compared to alone. According to the study, divorced or widowed men comprised 53% and 60% of patients who suffer from hip fracture. In addition, alcohol increases the risk of hip fracture by more than threefold and the risk of fracture of the humerus of almost 5 times.

Fractures, especially fractures of the hips can have dangerous complications for the elderly, while one-third of patients die during the year after fracture, doctors say.

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