Scientists have named the color of lighting that is best suited for sleep

Ученые назвали цвет освещения, который лучше всего подходит для сна

The idea of artificial light from the screens, which does not allow people to sleep at night, misguided, scientists say. They studied different types of lighting to understand what is better suited for falling asleep, and came to the conclusion that the color blue, previously considered harmful, is not worse than other types.

According to researchers from the University of Manchester, the blue light from devices is not the main problem. Bright light of any color always stimulates the brain, and not reassuring, say the authors. It turned out that the problem for the normal sleep is not a color, namely light intensity.

It was found that reducing the brightness of the blue light becomes more soothing than yellow. “So, if you want to avoid the strong light effects on your biological clock, you need to choose dim and blue variants. Bright white or yellow are better for waking hours”, — experts say.

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