Scientists have named the vegetable, which reduces the risk of cancer by 5 times

Ученые назвали овощ, который снижает риск развития рака в 5 раз

You enough to eat broccoli several times a week to resist the development of cancer in your body. At least, the development of liver cancer for sure.+

So say researchers from the University of Illinois . At some point, they found that the cancer may cause the accumulation of fat in the liver. Then connected to the experiment mice.+

Chose special rodents that were genetically predisposed to obesity, and with abundant nutrition and activity changes have ensured that they began to gain weight.

Then the scientists adjusted the food subject, and depending on this they were divided into four groups depending on the type of diet:+

— a diet with normal fat content and carbohydrates,

— the same food, but added broccoli,

— a diet high in fat,

— a diet high in fat plus broccoli.

Over time in mice that were treated with no broccoli were appearing nodules in the liver, which could be a harbinger of including the cancer. However, when the diet of rodents added broccoli, nodules became smaller and some disappeared altogether.+

In addition, adding this vegetable in the diet resulted in improving the state of the liver in mice. The authors believe that broccoli will help to prevent the development of liver cancer in humans.+

— There are two probabilities when the liver begins to store fat first, when people consume a lot of food with high content of harmful fats and sugars, and the second is the abuse of alcohol, says Elizabeth Jeffery, Professor, University of Illinois and author of the study . — The first option is especially common among Americans and it leads to the fact that man no longer controls the amount of fat accumulated in his liver, and thus provoke the development of cancer. And just broccoli may be the first physician and helper in the fight against the disease.

Exactly how much you need to consume broccoli for cancer prevention? Try to eat pounds in a week. And in many receptions you will share this pounds, depends on your desire.+

Earlier, by the way, other scientists also managed to prove that eating broccoli lowers the risk of cancer, but then haven’t addressed them yet was about the cancer of breast, prostate and colorectal cancer.+

By the WAY

Every year in the United States is hosting an international conference, which satisfied the American society of clinical Oncology, this June it was held in Chicago and was dedicated to men’s health. Among other works, had presented the results of studies of a group of oncologists from the University of Cambridge on the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Scientists say that to reduce the risk of cancer in men, and also to slow down the neoplastic process, if already started, will help extracts from only four products

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