Scientists have obtained unique data about the life after death

The researchers conducted an experiment in which received signal the existence of life after death.

Вчені отримали унікальні дані про життя після смерті

Researchers from the US and Germany conducted an experiment, during which received signal the existence of life after death.

Scientists watched the brain activity of patients directly at the time of death. Experts have observed nine volunteers who had serious health problems and were doomed to a quick death, according to “Rus.Media”.

The researchers reported that the main achievement of the work provided indirect evidence that probably life has continued after death of the human body. The experts were able to record strong electrical impulse, which gave the brain of a dying man. The authors call such a signal “spreading depression”. After the doctors recorded the patient’s death, the pulse became more intense and manifested itself stronger than in life. Given this facts, the experts came to the conclusion that the theory of life after death is reasonable.

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