Scientists have proved that virtual reality reduces pain

Ученые доказали, что виртуальная реальность уменьшает боль

British experts from Imperial College London found that using a headset virtual reality reduces pain.

Scientists have conducted a small experiment in which participants used VR video to lower the threshold of pain perception in humans.

It turned out that the data of the experiment show positive results of the application of VR technology to assist patients with acute pain.

Scientists based their discovery of the fact that technology creates a distracting effect.

Experts suggest that due to this effect the patient fails to run the internal mechanisms to fight the pain.

Diversion through technology VR helped patients to reduce sensitivity to painful stimuli and reduce its intensity.

Scientists suggest that VR may disallow certain processes in the brain and spinal cord that are involved in the regulation of proliferation sensitivity.

During the experiment, 15 volunteers received the cream containing capsaicin.

This connection causes burns in the mouth and increases the skin’s sensitivity to painful stimuli.

Participants rated the pain threshold caused by the cream capsaicina, on a scale from 0 to 100.

Then, immersing participants of experience through VR in the atmosphere of the Arctic, scientists were asked to assess pain.

It turned out that the pain and sensitivity to painful stimuli on the skin were reduced after immersion in Arctic landscapes.

The obtained data allowed the scientists to conclude that VR can be used to treat patients with chronic pain as an alternative therapy.

Currently, scientists continue to study the impact of VR technology, trying to establish the dose for the intended treatment.