Scientists have shown new amazing shot of Jupiter

Ученые показали новый удивительный снимок Юпитера

A new image taken by the spacecraft Juno, demonstrates the intensity of jets and eddies in the Northern Temperate Zone of Jupiter.

Presented here is a colour image was taken by the spacecraft Juno (NASA) may 23, 2018, when Juno was doing his thirteenth scheduled a demonstration flight near Jupiter.

About shooting time the spacecraft was at a distance of about 7 900 kilometres of the upper clouds of the gas giant at the coordinates 41 degrees North latitude. The North Temperate Belt of Jupiter is clearly visible broad red-orange band at the largest gas giant.

What is surprising is that this band rotates in the same direction as the planet.

It has a predominantly cyclonic nature, which in the Northern hemisphere means rotation of the “air masses” in counter-clockwise direction. In the field of view also are visible two gray-colored high. Read also: NASA filmed the moon’s shadow on Jupiter are Seen here and the clouds are probably made of crystals of ammonia ice, and maybe even from a mixture of ammonia ice and water.

In General, the region seems chaotic and a bit mysterious. Scientists believe that vast, dark regions on Jupiter is where the clouds are deeper.

The following conclusions were made based on infrared observations with the help of the JIRAM instrument, which is installed on the Juno.

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