Scientists have talked about the incredibly dangerous ancient reptiles

The animal has reached a record 15 metres in length, having a mouth the size of an adult. It is noteworthy that any modern animal would not have survived the battle with the reptile.

Scientists told about the ancient reptiles-the killer weighing in at half a ton. The researchers note that, titanoboa lived on our planet about 60 million years ago. He dwelt on the territory of modern Colombia. Fossils, as told by scientists, was found in a coal mine.

Having done the comparative analysis of the skeleton, experts came to the conclusion that titanoboa reached a length of about 15 meters, and its weight passes a ton. Speaking of the ancient serpent it is worth noting that the largest snake in the modern world – reticulated Python with a long of 7 metres. By the way, titanoboa was the first ancient relative of the boa constrictor.

Such enormous size of the serpent reached due to the warm climate of the Earth in ancient times. Then the temperature was on average 30 to 34 degrees Celsius, so the planet gigantism was found in all cold-blooded and not only.

By the way, the ancient boa ate only fish. Dimensions are not allowed, titanoboa to move on the land, so ancient serpent often “clashed” with the giant crocodiles and other predators of his time.


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