Scientists have talked about the unknown animal, which was able to detect

Ученые рассказали о неизвестных науке животных, которых удалось обнаружить

Specialist State Association scientific and applied research of Australia’s Dr. Bryan Lessard said: “In fact, we know nothing about 75% of plant and animal species in the world. Only in our organization is kept 15 million different types, is not all were studied and described.” Indeed, many of the now published new species were discovered decades ago, but only now were able to deal with them, according to “My planet” with reference to ABC.

Among the new species of weevils that live on macadamia, deep-sea cat shark, shrubby Daisy which has less than 20 plants in the wild. Just in Australia there are 500,000 species of plants and animals, including 800 species of birds and 5000 species of fish. 75% of Australian species are not found anywhere else except on this continent.

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