Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the mass extinction of bees

Ученые раскрыли загадку массового вымирания пчел

Bees may die out within the next few years, said a group of ecologists from the pages of the British scientific journal Functional Ecology.

This writes the RAMBLER.

In their opinion, the cause of this will be overheating of hives caused by global warming, as the bees will “turn on” to their physiological limits, if the temperature of the planet really will grow as fast as the experts predict.

“That prospect is sobering and frightening to us,” said the scientists.

For the sake of confirmation of his theory about the impact of climate change on the extinction of bees environmentalists painted in black color, increasing thus the temperature, part of the nests of bees osmium in the U.S. state of Arizona. As a result, almost all of their inhabitants died within two years, whereas bees from the pristine scientists of the nests continued to live.

According to environmentalists, the population of bees declining for several years all over the world. For example, wild bees for 5-10 years was less immediately by 25-30%.

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