Scientists have uncovered the secret of the mysterious anomalies of the Solar system

Ученые раскрыли секрет загадочной аномалии Солнечной системы

Planetary scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles revealed the cause of the arc-shaped cloud structure in the Venusian atmosphere. According to scientists, it represents an extremely stable gravitational wave, formed by the collision of wind with the mountain chains of the planet.

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The width of the cloud arcs in the upper layers of the atmosphere is 10 thousand kilometers. The structure was seen with the Japanese spacecraft “akatsuki” in 2015 and over the multi-day observations remained stable, despite the turbulence around.

A day on Venus lasts about 243 earth days, however, the rotation speed of the atmosphere at 60 times the speed of planet rotation around its axis. As a result of this supervisee having a wind whose speed reaches 400 kilometers per hour. In such circumstances, the existence of a stable gravitational waves would be impossible.

Scientists believe that the main condition for the appearance of the structure is the Land of Aphrodite — a large hill, which is located directly under the cloud arc. This was confirmed consistent with the observations of a computer simulation, which showed that the interaction between the wind and the high mountain ranges gives rise to a gravitational wave. In addition, this phenomenon can cause strong fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, which in turn slows the rotation of Venus.

Gravitational wave in hydrodynamics and atmospheric physics are called a specific form of oscillatory motion on the surface of the medium or inside the water or gas envelope of the planet, the existence of which depends on gravity. In astrophysics, the term “gravitational wave” has a different meaning and refers to changes of the gravitational field arising from the movement of massive bodies.

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