Scientists have unveiled the incredible technology of creating a stable and durable structures out of the water

Ученые представили невероятную технологию создания стабильных прочных конструкций из воды

It is known that the structure of water molecules allows you to create a solid construction with a sufficient concentration of atoms together. Such an effect can be obtained by chemical reactions on the iron oxide.

As you know, the first bridges from the water was built by an electromagnetic field. The water was placed in two tubes where the sent voltage. Molecules were up on the walls and linked to each other, forming a bridge. Such forms of communication in water are observed very rarely, because they are easy to destroy and hard to force the atoms to regroup.

However, experts from the TU Wien has found a new way and was able to recreate the temperature anomaly, which turned out necessary chemical reaction. Water molecules were placed in vacuum, where I raised the temperature to very low to -30° C. the Experiment took place on the plate of the iron oxide. The result was a similar reaction between water molecules was built bridging connection.

Leading experts claim that the experiments will not end, as it is necessary to establish the exact parameters under which the molecular structure of water allows the creation of bridges.


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